Cooler Door Chime

Cooler Door Chime

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Doors being left open in the retail environment can cause many issues. For items in coolers and freezers, it can lead to spoilage due to product not maintaining its proper temperature. For other areas, it can mean there is suspicious activity occurring and product may not be protected.

• Door Chime activates when the door has been left open a predetermined
amount of time, ensuring that store sta? are only alerted when there is an issue
• A secondary alarm activates after an extended time where the initial chime
has not been remedied
• Magnetic base senses closed door
• Units have 3mm double sided 3-M foam tape to adhere to the surface
• Uses 2 “AAA” batteries (not included)
• 100+ dB volume

Operation Cycle
• Door open = no notification “ding”
- This prevents continuous chirping and employees
becoming disengaged to the security device
• 5 seconds, door remains open = “Door Chime” one cycle
• 10 seconds, door remains open = “Alarm Phase”
- Remains on until the distance is less than 25mm
between the receiver and activation device

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