P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield® System

P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield® System

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  • P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield™ System secures high-value, high-loss product, while allowing customers access to product for purchase
  • Individual panels slide left and right to expose single facings of shelved or pegged product
  • P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield™ System has crystal-clear "invisible"panels to ensure products are visible and appealing; contoured edges on panels provide comfortable access for shoppers
  • Panels available in 3" or 4" widths for narrow or wider product and 3 1/2", 5 1/2" and 8" heights; ratcheting panels feature "clicker" mechanism to alert store associates of a potential theft incident when used with ratcheting rail
  • Available in styles to protect product merchandised on perforated shelving or peg hooks
  • Under-Shelf style mounts seamlessly to the under side of shelves with minimal loss of vertical merchandising space; attaches to most standard perforated shelving with Hardware Mounting Kit
  • Gondola Upright style mounts into gondola uprights and above the top shelf or extends in front of pegged product; fixed or adjustable arms accommodate multiple depths
  • Shelf-Top style mounts to top side of top shelf of plan-o-gram to protect product when gondola uprights are not available above the top shelf
  • Optional End Closure Panels to limit side access and protect product at the ends of the fixture for under-shelf, gondola upright, or shelf-top styles
  • High-impact clear plastic panels will not break, even in high-traffic environments

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       Download the P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield™ System product specification sheet.

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