The busy holiday shopping season is almost upon us. Most consumers anxiously wait all year long for Black Friday sales, and many make the majority of their holiday purchases on this popular shopping day. As a retailer, it’s crucial to capitalize as much as possible while managing crowds and protecting valuable inventory from damage and theft. Fortunately, there is a variety of convenient and useful solutions to help retailers sail through Black Friday both seamlessly and profitably.


Black Friday essentials, specifically sign holders, effectively communicate important messages by spotlighting products and special holiday promotions. One innovative new sign holder, the Allura™ Bump Light, easily attaches to shelves and display hooks and uses motion and vibration to activate when customers are near and lies dormant when foot traffic is low. The vibration feature is conveniently powered by three AA batteries so it can be used virtually anywhere.


Theft during the holiday rush can be a challenge to many retailers. The LM Tag™ is an ideal solution to help reduce shrink due to stolen merchandise. It’s an anti-theft system, featuring light and motion sensors, that clearly displays all types of consumer products and still allows maximum ease of shopping. Available in three versions, LM Tag™, LM Tag™ with SONR, and LM Tag™ 3-Alarm offer varying levels of protection to suit the needs of individual products and stores.


During the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many consumers leave smaller items to the last moment, especially stocking stuffers and gifts for teachers. Necessities such as tape, tissue paper and gift cards are items that customers usually need but often forget. Placing these items at the point of purchase is an effective way to assist busy customers and boost sales. For a convenient POP display solution, the Impulse QueueLane™ manages checkout lines and allows for a variety of last-minute and impulse items to be prominently displayed for easy customer access.

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