Pot, Pan And Utensil Washer

Pot, Pan And Utensil Washer

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  • This compact, easy-to-install Pot, Pan and Utensil Washer is designed to wash and sanitize containers commonly found in the bakery, meat, poultry, candy and food service industries
  • Will accommodate sheet pans, cake pans, meat lugs, candy molds, trays, utensils, buckets, machine parts, and mixing bowls up to 140 quarts
  • Powerfully efficient machine features a convenient split door design, a heavy-duty 5 HP pump, a compact 36" width and generous10 pan capacity
  • Integrated push button control and information center incorporates a digital display to monitor key performance functions and make the machine easier to operate and service
  • Recirculating wash water is pumped through high velocity, stainless steel "V" jets designed to cut and remove stubborn soils and baked-on goods
  • Average wash/rinse cycle is just 5 minutes, making clean-up quick and economical
  • Available with electric, infrared gas or steam heating
  • NSF approved
  • Additional sizes and styles can be made to order
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