Power-Zone® Kwik-Set™ - Extend-A-Track™

Power-Zone® Kwik-Set™ - Extend-A-Track™

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Self-facing pusher systems are great for organizing store merchandise without relying on manual upkeep from store associates.

Extend-A-Track™ works by using a recessed paddle-pusher to allow for more merchandising space on each pusher track. This also allows for commonality across multiple shelf depths so store retailers can use the same pusher tracks (between 2” shelf depth differential). It also accomodates odd number shelf depths (13”, 15”, etc.), increasing merchandising efficiency.

Designed For Kwik-Set* Pusher System - The Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System (also known as a pusher system, or pusher track) is a labor-saving, component-based merchandising system flexible enough to accommodate the widest range of product shapes and sizes throughout the store. Pusher Tracks and Dividers can be added, removed, and/or adjusted while product remains on the shelf!Use only where needed!

Extend-A-Track™ can be used seamlessly with standard Kwik-Set™ pusher installations, and the system’s inherent flexibility allows for quick change-outs and product resets. ◆Add More Retail Space to Pusher Tracks

◆Easy to setup
◆Use where you need
◆Compatible with Power-Zone® Kwik-Set™ and Sure-Set™ Pusher Systems
◆Accommodates odd number shelf depths (13”, 15”, etc.)
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