Power-Zone® Sure-Set™ Wide-Based Track Lens

Power-Zone® Sure-Set™ Wide-Based Track Lens

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Round shaped merchandise, such as paper plates or frozen pizza, create issues with ensuring product is organized and faced to the edge of the shelf. The size/shape of the plate prevents the ability for most spring-loaded pusher systems to effectively keep product on display shelves from falling into disarray – until now.

The Power-Zone® Sure-Set™ Wide-Based Track Lens provides the perfect solution to organizing oval-shaped merchandise. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and virtually invisible. Just snap directly into Sure-Set™ track. The clear poly carbonate material allows for easy viewing of displayed merchandise and high durability.

Keep paper plate products faced and organized on store shelves.

Perfect for oblong product less than 9” in diameter: non-boxed pizza, paper plates, paper bowls, and more!

Features and Benefits
• Best for product less than 9” diameter
• Prevents merchandise from leaning over the front rail
• Optimizes merchandising of large, round, non-boxed frozen pizza
• Snaps directly onto the track
• Cost effective - Only use where needed
• Virtually invisible for optimal product viewing
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