Fresh-Fit® Thin Profile Shelving System

Fresh-Fit® Thin Profile Shelving System

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Utilizing minimum space for maximum impact, the innovative Fresh-Fit® Thin Profile Shelving System from siffron is nearly invisible, allowing for a full view of product. Thin profile shelves transform a standard product section into a multi-tiered display featuring the ultimate flexibility in product presentation. To deliver a complete produce case solution, the system is compatible with a wide variety of optional accessories including product stops, dividers, sign holders and Power Zone® Self-facing Merchandising Systems. The lightweight and durable construction makes the system easy to install and remove for resets and cleaning.

Features & Benefits
  • The Fresh-Fit® Thin Profile Shelving System shelves are virtually invisible, highlighting the merchandised product
  • Shelves can be positioned at four angles: 0 Degree, 10 Degree, 20 Degree and 30 Degree
  • Allows maximum flexibility
  • Lightweight system makes it easy to install and remove for resets and cleaning
  • Baffles help to control and direct air flow
  • Product Stop is notched to ensure a secure fit in shelf slots
  • Use with several siffron Power Zone® Self-facing Merchandising Systems
  • Add Sign Holders to display promotions and pricing


  • Three shelf widths available: 12", 24" and 48" W
  • Four shelf depths available: 14", 16" 18" and 20" D
  • Grid Assembly and Mount Bar are black powder-coated steel
  • Thin Profile Shelves are perforated black aluminum with E-Coat or Anodized finish


      Grid Assembly (Not required if merchandising horizontally)

  • Arrange shelves on grid in many configurations
  • Includes brackets that adjust to fit into fixture upright slots
  • Black powder-coated steel

      Mount Bar Assembly

  • Fits into Grid Assembly or into existing upright slots
  • Includes two end brackets that old shelves at four angles: 0 Degree, 10 Degree, 20 Degree and 30 Degree
  • Black powder-coated steel

      Thin Profile Shelf

  • Fits onto Mount Bar Assembly of same width
  • Perforated black aluminum shelving is rust-resistant and suitable for misted areas
  • Integrated connector pin aligns shelves vertically

      Product Stop

  • Product Stop fits into slots on front of shelf
  • To highlight specialty produce, use 2" H Product Stop with Organic Type or Local Type
  • Clear acrylic


  • End Divider fits into slots on side of shelf
  • L-Shaped Divider can rest on top of shelf, on either 2" or 4" side
  • Clear acrylic


  • Baffle clips onto rear of shelf
  • Use one baffle per 12" of shelf
  • Black plastic Baffle / clear plastic SuperGrip® adapters
      Curved Tray
  • Curved Tray sits over lip of 1" H Product Stop to merchandise a variety of produce
  • Curved center extends for visual appeal and to maximize merchandising
  • Comes in three sizes: 14" side depth with 16" center depth; 16" side depth with 18" center depth; an

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