Protecting Pegged Merchandise from Shoplifting

While shoplifting is still the most common crime facing retailers, its biggest losses come from organized theft rings, due to their size and sophistication. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), 94.6% of surveyed retailers believed their company was the victim of organized retail crime last year.
Of particular interest to crime rings are high price items that are easy to resell, from luxury items like jewelry, designer clothing and handbags to necessities including razors, infant formula, batteries and laundry detergent. Among the top shoplifted items, razor blades and batteries are easy targets for thieves due to their small size, high price and high demand. They are also easy to resell online and at flea markets and even to smaller retailers who may be unaware the items are stolen.
There are a host of measures that can be put into place to combat shoplifting, from engaging with customers regularly to hinder behavior, to designing your store layout to best manage the location and inventory of high theft items. In addition, security devices and systems can be put in place to either reduce or stop theft. Depending on the severity of the shoplifting, one security device is likely to work better for a specific store and situation than others.
To stop product sweeping and reduce theft while still allowing full access for legitimate customers, choose a security product that makes it difficult for thieves to remove multiple products. The Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ allows customers to turn the handle to access one package at a time while creating a manual audible alert to notify store personnel of activity. A similar level of protection is provided by the SONIQ Beep Hook, which features an anti-sweep design and integrated electronic alarm that activates when product is removed.
Offering greater security while still allowing full customer access, the SONR System provides a multi-tier platform for a customized solution. In addition to a local electronic alarm, the system can integrate with an Echo Box alarm located at a nearby associate station and also with existing store security and communication systems for the highest level of protection.
For some retailers, locking the products may be the desired solution. For stores that prefer this level of security, locking hooks provide protection without concealing products behind a counter or in a display case. With their strong locks and ability to be secured to the fixtures, locking hooks make it much more difficult for criminals to acquire the product, but still allow customers to see and interact with the product on display.
Whatever level of security your retail store requires, it’s important to take the necessary measures to keep products safe from would-be thieves and inventory accessible to customers.
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