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siffron offers a wide variety of loss prevention items, retail security solutions, and anti-theft devices, from alarm systems and security hooks to cases, tethers, tags and soft labels. Security devices make merchandise difficult to access and sweep, making both theft and shrink preventable. siffron's complete line of loss prevention solutions include mechanical single product dispensers, anti-sweep hooks, alarm devices and full-fledged closed circuit alarm systems. Additionally, many of siffron's products interact with store EAS systems.

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Loss Prevention has become a primary goal for almost all retailers. Theft and shrink are costly issues for many category managers. But the good news is, with siffron's complete line of Loss Prevention solutions, they are both preventable! We have everything from mechanical single product dispensers to anti-sweep hooks to full-fledged closed circuit alarm systems. siffron is the P.O.P. industry's leader in LP, and we stand behind our proven solutions that help retailers get back to what they do the best - selling!