Power Zone® Systems

don't waste time setting and resetting the products in your store

When your goal is to run your store efficiently while pleasing customers, it can be difficult to constantly have to stock and restock shelves. And if you don't, you risk having unorganized aisles where time-sensitive items can get lost at the back of your shelves, increasing shrink.

Traditional merchandising techniques, specifically hooks and shelving, are quite restrictive. For example, hooks hinder how heavy and wide products are displayed while also limiting the depth of the product offering. In addition, they can damage packaging, leaving no way to merchandise the product.

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the Power Zone® self-facing family:

Power Zone Kwik-Set

Kwik-Set™ – The Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System (also known as a pusher system, or pusher track) is a labor-saving, component-based merchandising system flexible enough to accommodate the widest range of product shapes and sizes throughout the store.

Power Zone Pre-Set Bag Salad Produce

Pre-Set™ – Power Zone® Pre-Set™ Self-facing System ships pre-assembled and ready to place on the shelf, saving 40 percent or more in installation costs versus non-pre-assembled systems.

our self-facing system decreases time and money spent on labor (by up to 67 percent)

siffron's Power Zone Kwik-Set Self-Facing System is the ideal merchandising option for quick planogram changes because:
• It's easy to install and accommodates nearly every category
• It keeps shelves organized and products accessible
• Tracks/dividers can be added, removed or adjusted while product remains on the shelf
• It uses a center-push design to place the pusher at the optimal center of the product being faced for best performance
• Simple push-button operation to adjust divider positioning and lock into place
• Thin design means even the smallest products can be faced on a shelf
• This labor-saving system is flexible, accommodating the largest/heaviest products
• Stacked products are easily managed with wide pusher tracks and tall dividers
• Product visibility is maintained with clear product stops
• Paddle extenders, fasteners and adapters can be added to the system for customization
• They can come fully assembled for quick box-to-shelf installation

This system is ideal for these departments:
• Freezer Bags and Boxes
• Meat/Deli
• Cheese
• Salad and Produce
• Dairy
• Pizza
• Candy and Gum

• Dry Goods
• Pet Products
• Movies, Media and Electronics
• Bottled Drinks
• Open Refrigerator Coolers
• Hardware and Household Items
• Soft Lines (Underwear, T-Shirts and More)

Kwik-Set Clear Product Stops

Dividers feature clear product stops

Kwik-Set Clear Product Stops

Spring-loaded lock tab for easy adjustment

Kwik-Set Clear Product Stops

Available in black, beige, or white

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