Product Facing and Self-Facing Shelf Merchandising Systems for Retail Shelf Management

siffron's product facing and retail shelf management systems help you to save time and money while increasing sales and enhancing your brand image. Auto-faced shelves deliver a solid and accelerated return on your merchandising investment through:

    • Maximized shelf space
    • Improved category management
    • Reduced labor costs
    • Enhanced accessibility

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siffron’s self-facing product systems include shelf pusher systems, tray pusher systems, gravity feed shelve systems, gondola shelf roller systems and pullers for grocery and retail environments

designed to fit most retail fixtures, siffron carries a variety of product facing systems including:

siffron’s Power Zone® self-facing merchandising systems include Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System (also known as a pusher system or pusher track) , Sure-Set Self-facing system, and Pre-set Self-facing system

Shelf pusher systems – These systems attach to most retail shelving (with fasteners or adhesive) and feature a front rail, dividers, and spring-loaded pusher paddles to advance products forward. Shelf pusher systems are available from stand-alone pusher paddles to category kits with containing the components needed to outfit one shelf. siffron's self-facing, shelf merchandising systems include:

• Power Zone® Kwik-Set Self-Facing System
• Power Zone® Sure-Set Self-Facing System
• Power Zone® Pre-Set Self-Facing System
• IMPulse™ Trackless Pusher System
• P.O.P-In Pushers
• Power Zone® Trak-Set™ Self-Facing System

siffron’s NEXT self-facing shelf merchandising system is modular and customizable to maximize space for products in grocery and retail environments. siffron’s product facing products include freezer trays, freezer bag trays, deli meat trays, bacon trays, cheese trays, salad trays, pizza trays, candy pusher trays, and pull out drawers

Tray pusher systems – Tray pusher systems feature individual trays that include a front channel, expandable sides/dividers, and a spring-loaded pusher paddle. The trays attach easily to either a mount bar – which fits into uprights in gondolas, coolers, and freezers – to standard retail shelves, or to wire grids. Our solutions include:

• NEXT® 2.0 System
• NEXT® System

siffron also offers other product facing systems, including Motion Mat, gravity feed merchandisers for yogurt, gravity feed merchandisers for Greek yogurt, Power Zone low profile shelf system, Power Zone adjustable self-facing merchandisers, Visi-Pull, kinetic mats, and bottle gravity feed displays

Gravity-feed systems – Gravity-feed systems are product-facing systems that rely on the shelf being angled or on a shelf riser to allow products to glide easily down a sloped surface. These systems are ideal for facing large, heavy or bulky items that may be difficult to advance using a pusher. siffron's retail shelf systems include:

• Roller Track™
• Kinetic Shelf
• Motion Mat®

siffron’s product facers include facer frames, facer strips, and facer sign holders

Puller systems – Puller system are ideal for tall products such as wine bottles, or stacked products like yogurt and canned goods. They feature dividers or frames that are pulled to advance shelved product. sifffron’s solutions include:

• FACER System
• Visi-Pull™ System
• Product Puller System & Shelf Overlay

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    • 4eBins™
    • 4eBins™

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    • Turtle 2.0
    • Turtle

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Save time and money while increasing sales and enhancing brand image with a self-facing system from siffron. Auto-faced shelves deliver a solid and accelerated return on your merchandising investment through: maximized shelf space, reduced labor costs and enhanced ease of use for customers. Self-facing systems benefit retailers, consumers and marketers, making self-facing systems a proven solution.