produce and floral: increase impulse sales

The Produce and Floral Sections of your store create special challenges because of their time-sensitive nature. Make these areas extremely profitable by creating a high visual impact while adding square footage and flexibility to your space with siffron's merchandising displays.

Produce options your shoppers will love: Create a unique shopping experience with bulk merchandising and bulk food dispensers for help-yourself access. Showcase your specialty fruits and veggies with produce bowls and baskets stocked next to a self-facing shelving system for bagged salads, dressings and more. Some of these pusher systems offer gravity feed shelving with plastic shelf dividers to help you keep your produce organized, neat, and fresh. Help shoppers find what they're looking for by highlighting the entire area with attractive produce signage.

Floral options you will love: Attract new shoppers and keep your inventory organized with floral baskets, retail shelf dividers and product racks. And don't forget to stock up on necessities like floral supplies.

Designer Floral Bucket
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Fresh Fit Merchandising

Fresh Fit Merchandising – Keep your Produce Section fresh with a system that protects and showcases a variety of healthy foods while creating a convenient shopping experience for your customers. Maximize the visual impact of your produce – to attract customers – with minimal space using the first-in, first-out rotation of siffron's Fresh-Fit Merchandising System.

Bulk Bins

Bulk Merchandising – Please your customers and create a point of differentiation from your competition by offering highly visible Bulk Merchandise Bins. The siffron 4eBin Bulk Merchandise bins offer a transparent, self-service display for a variety of different products, are easy to clean, and are BPA/EA-free and NSF certified.

NEXT Tray Merchandising

NEXT Tray Merchandising – Take control of your inventory by reducing stocking and facing labor costs while keeping your store organized. The siffron NEXT System is an easy-to-install product facing tray that attracts your customers by keeping every last product within reach, giving you 30% more square footage and increasing sales by up to 15%!

Gravity Feed Shelving and Self-Facing

Gravity Feed Shelving and Self-Facing – Keep your inventory organized with a simple, gravity-feed solution where the merchandise gently glides into place when a customer removes a product. The shelf channels simply snap into place. Once set up, it minimizes shelf-facing labor and retail upkeep.


Merchandisers – If you are looking for different ways to merchandise your products, you'll find a variety of merchandisers at siffron. We have mobile merchandisers that can be moved from department to department or single and multi-compartment merchandisers available in the Fresh-Fit System.


Signage – Highly visible display signs and sign holders enable customers to easily find what they're looking for in your store. You will find a variety of signs for fixtures, aisles and specialty departments at siffron.

Produce Prep Equipment

Produce Prep Equipment – From pineapple and melon cutters to bag holders and produce scales, you'll find the prep equipment needed to run your store efficiently.

Floral Equipment

Floral Equipment – From portable watering systems and bunch cutters to gift card racks and stem cutters, you'll find the prep equipment needed to run your floral department efficiently.

Floral Display

Floral Display – Increase traffic in your floral section by attracting new shoppers. Stock up on necessities like floral supplies and keep your inventory organized with floral baskets, retail shelf dividers and product racks.

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siffron offers innovative, high-quality Produce and Floral merchandising solutions, designed to sell more, reduce shrink, and create a lasting visual impression on your customers. Our best in class Fresh-Fit® Produce shelving, racking and display products are second to none in both quality and performance. We also carry hundreds of other produce and floral products, including mobile floral merchandisers for holiday or special occasion promotions. Or check out our full line of wood fixtures, bulk food merchandisers or tray merchandising systems.