NEXT® 2.0

Take the NEXT 2.0 Step!

Update and revitalize existing store displays across multiple product categories with NEXT 2.0 Merchandising Trays to improve organization, increase facings, and reduce labor upkeep!

NEXT™ 2.0 Trays organize and push each product to the front of the tray, making every item visible and available for customers. This also reduces the need for periodic restocking of store shelves – saving retailers on labor costs!

NEXT 2.0™ Merchandising Trays compact merchandising space and allow for 20% more facings than standard store shelves or pegged displays.

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siffron NEXT 2.0 Merchandising Pusher Trays

tray details NEXT 2

1 next front stop
2 next c-channel
3-next 2 metal base
4 next 2 divider ledge
5-expander sides next 2
6 wire frame next 2

The Problem. Traditional merchandising techniques, specifically hooks and shelving, are quite restrictive. For example, hooks hinder how heavy products are displayed while also limiting the depth of the product offering. In addition, they can damage packaging, leaving no way to merchandise the product.
Then there is shelving. It's expensive, takes up too much space, and time-sensitive products get lost at the back of the shelf increasing shrink due to spoilage.

The Solution. The NEXT System doesn't damage packaging, handles heavy products with ease, compacts your retail space and faces every last product on display.
It organizes your store with a product merchandise facing tool to attract your customers by continually moving product easily within reach. These retail pusher trays fill in the empty spaces as products are purchased, compacting your retail space with more facings on shelves, pegs or hooks.

before and after NEXT 2.0
next 2.0 flip down front fence

The NEXT 2.0 System was designed with the retailer in mind.

NEXT Trays minimize spoilage, organize your product and move it within the customer’s reach to bolster sales.

with the siffron NEXT System you will:

increase sales

Increase sales (up to 15%) with enhanced departmental appearance

grow categories

Grow categories (up to 30%) with increased merchandise space

reduce stocking and facing labor costs

Reduce stocking and facing labor costs with enhanced inventory rotation for time-sensitive products

easy installation and plan-o-gram changes

Have easy installation and plan-o-gram changes

Studies show NEXT increases space by 25-30% with an ROI of eight months – which means it pays for itself in less than a year!

the NEXT system works throughout your store

• Freezer Bags and Boxes
• Meat/Deli
• Cheese
• Salad and Produce
• Dairy
• Pizza
• Candy and Gum
• Dry Goods

• Pet Supplies
• Movies, media and electronics
• Cosmetics
• Bottled Drinks
• Open refrigerator coolers
• Hardware and household items
• Soft lines (underwear, t-shirts and more)

next 2 produce
next 2.0 categories


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