ModoShelf - siffron's new modular shelving system

ModoShelf™ will change the way you look at retail shelving

With a modular, lightweight design, ModoShelf offers many design options to create beautiful product displays while optimizing merchandising space.

Its lightweight design means it can be set up easily by one person. The tile construction allows for easy disassembly to quickly and efficiently maintain cleaning protocols in the store’s fresh area.

You know you need a system that is easy to clean, adaptable, and saves maintenance time – ModoShelf is labor-saving, and customizable for your needs. See how ModoShelf stands up against the competition here.

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features and benefits

ModoShelf with adjustable angle shelf positions
Easy to clean tiles are dishwasher safe Easy to clean tiles are dishwasher safe

• NSF Certified
• Easy-to-clean - Removable ABS tiles are 100% dishwasher safe
• Easy-to-install – no tools required
• Versatile grid system and shelving
  - Available in four different widths – 12", 24", 36" and 48"
  - Adjustable angles with four different shelf positions - 0°, 10°, 20°, and 30°
• Plastic shelves provide proper airflow to products, the best way to get products to a chilled state
• Stainless steel, rustproof frame enhances food safety
• Reusable and recyclable
• Cost effective

clean and green

NSF Certified tiles are removable, and easy to clean, and environmentally-friendly


Reduce labor costs associated with cleaning your produce section dramatically! The patent-pending ModoShelf is NSF Certified and is the easiest system to clean on the market. ModoShelf's plastic display shelves feature removable ABS tiles are easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe. Simply remove the tiles, clean them while leaving the bracketry in place, and replace them once cleaning is done. Simple, fast, and extremely effective while maintaining planogram integrity.

environmentally friendly

Retailers are increasingly under pressure to reduce their environmental waste footprint. In a recent Nielsen survey, 80 percent of consumers believe retailers should be doing more to reduce plastic waste.

As more and more retailers move away from disposable packaging materials, fresh produce will have even more exposure to display surfaces – underscoring the need for clean, sanitized equipment.

ModoShelf is easy to install and configure

Imagine building an attractive and organized product presentation with angled shelving that promotes first-in, first-out rotation in mere minutes.

ModoShelf is a flexible and expandable grid system that's available in four different widths (12", 24", 36" and 48"). You can setup as little or as much display area as you need using our versatile design system. You can also adjust the angle of the shelves to four set positions: 0°, 10°, 20°, and 30°. ModoShelf's tiles are installed with a simple snap – no tools required. Just insert the ModoShelf's stainless steel frame into the case uprights and quickly snap the l tiles into place in seconds.


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ModoShelf features multiple configurations

ModoShelf allows you to merchandise in creative configurations by adding uprights at any interval, as opposed to traditional four-foot horizontal runs. The ModoShelf ships knocked-down, cutting your freight costs substantially. It's also easy to install and assemble, one person can set up the ModoShelf system in mere minutes – no tools required!

configuration idea 1
configuration idea 2
configuration idea 3
configuration idea 4
configuration idea 5
configuration idea 6

ModoShelf accessories

Create your ideal ModoShelf configuration by adding simple, effective components.

ModoShelf's accessories – such as dividers, pushers, and inventory blockers – help to create an appealing presentation while reducing the time required to merchandise, sort, and re-stock shelves.

ModoShelf Dividers

Dividers break up product selections of any size (and isn't limited to foot increments).

ModoShelf Inventory Blockers

Inventory blockers can be added to limit the amount of product displayed on the shelves – thus reducing shrink.

ModoShelf Curved Trays

Curved trays and bins draw attention to products and add visual depth to the display.

product stops can be added - Power Zone Kwik-Set

To differentiate the visual style of the shelf, product stops can be switched out with ease.

ModoShelf Pods

ModoShelf™ Pods are a creative way to enhance the visual appeal of bulk produce that maximizes sales and profits.

Create a dramatic landscape to draw attention to the beautiful colors of your produce and spur impulse sales. Rounded Pod shapes allow you to organize and separate individual categories and help visually distinguish specialty products, while also limiting the amount of product on the showroom floor – reducing shrink!

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modoshelf pods

Center Store

ModoShelf Center Store

It doesn't get a lot of attention these days – with the current focus on fresh – but the center store is still an important shopper destination. The center store plays a vital role in large stores, and this area of the store is a key profit driver, according to research.

ModoShelf is not just for the produce department – it's also ideal for your center store. A variety of product sizes and shapes can be merchandised on multiple, adjacent shelf rows without any loss of vertical space. The system's frame is compatible with all standard gondola uprights, allowing for a seamless retrofit. Quickly and easily turn your center store aisles into visual merchandising attractions that highlight your top-performing categories.

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ModoShelf™ Well Merchandiser

The ModoShelf™ Well Merchandiser is a truly innovative merchandising rack that is designed to install into the bottom (well) of refrigerated display cases, replacing the need for existing wire racking.

This rack features an easily-removable top deck constructed out of ABS plastic, which is dishwasher-safe and can be quickly cleaned and sanitized - no need to completely dismantle planograms. The food-safe deck prevents smaller product and loose debris from falling through, unlike standard wire racking.

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modoshelf well merchandiser

ModoShelf™ Slant Produce System

ModoShelf™ Slant Produce System

Reduce shrink significantly and keep produce looking fresh! The angled shelves of ModoShelf Slant promote first-in, first-out stock rotation, which ensures produce always looks fresh – resulting in sales lift.

ModoShelf Slant is designed to look like an organized “wall of produce,” making the case look full while carrying relatively low inventories to reduce shrink. There is no need for inventory blockers, dummies, or other extra components, as the steeply pitched angle of the shelves creates a physical limit to how much product employees can place on the showroom floor.

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