The Benefits of Bulk

With the retail landscape changing, many retailers are seeking effective new ways to differentiate their stores and increase customer traffic. From expanding their prepared food selection and offering meal kits to providing a customer experience that includes store events, hands-on displays, entertainment and education, there are a number of opportunities for retailers to attract customers and increase sales. Within the fresh area, offering a well-planned and organized bulk food display is proving to be a very effective means of enticing customers.
Create Differentiation
Bulk merchandising can differentiate your store by representing a commitment to whole, unprocessed foods as well as environmental sustainability. In addition, bulk merchandising offers flexibility to customers. They can buy only the quantity they want or need, and can experiment with new or unusual ingredients and offerings without the waste of purchasing a full-sized packaged item.
Increase Margins
Bulk merchandising can increase margins since product is sourced in bulk without the additional cost of packaging materials. And, because products require no facing and less frequent stocking, labor costs are reduced. Clear product presentation increases impulse purchases by attracting customers and encouraging interaction. This interaction also provides the customer with the ability to purchase exactly how much product they want, enabling them to have more control over their own shopping experience.
Choosing Bulk Bins
If you are considering introducing a bulk department or want to upgrade existing bulk displays, it is important to choose the right bulk bin. Gravity bins, which feature a nozzle and pull handle to dispense product into container, are perfect for maximizing vertical space on a gondola. Since the nozzle is at the bottom, they can be mounted high on the fixture to utilize previously unused space. The 4e Bin™ from siffron, is easy to install and maintain and features a revolutionary easy-clean design. It is intuitive and comfortable to handle for shoppers and store personnel alike.
Scoop bins, which allow customers to scoop and select product, are perfect for the lower half of the gondola where customers are able to access product easily. Scoop Bins from siffron allow customers to pick and choose merchandise, and individual scoops attached to each bin appeal to allergy- and hygiene-aware customers. By merchandising scoop bins along with gravity-feed bins, retailers can create an efficient and comprehensive bulk solution.
To see how one retailer in the UK is committing to sustainability, check out this video.
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