Stop Thieves Before They Get Out the Door

While shoplifting has historically plagued retailers, the problem is growing worse every year.
According to a 2018 National Retail Federation (NRF) survey, American retailers lose almost $50 billion annually to theft. Shoplifting accounts for most (36.5%) of those losses. The NRF survey also found that the most-shoplifted items include:
Pregnancy tests
Weight loss pills
Pain relievers
Infant formula
Security and asset protection products can be used to make merchandise difficult to access or sweep by locking it down with an audible alarm.
Recently, a large national retailer was able to recover a large-scale theft of expensive designer perfume by using siffron’s LM Tag™ solution (URL here). The thieves were stopped before they could make it out the door.
Because it uses a combination of a light sensor and motion detector, the LM Tag alerts you when the product is both in motion and concealed. It’s the only device on the market that alarms at the point of concealment, alerting you before the product walks out the door. Additionally, the LM Tag 3-Alarm solution not only has the light and motion sensor, but it also includes an EAS (electronic article surveillance) gate sensor so the system will alarm at security gates.
Before you lose more merchandise from shoplifting, protect your assets with LM Tags. LM Tag will alert store staff before a potential thief can leave your store with products concealed in a bag, under a coat, or in a pocket.