Fresh Area Merchandising and Self-Facing Shelf Merchandising Systems: Maximize Impact with Minimal Use of Space

Retailers are extremely aware that the fresh area is one of the most important sections of a store’s layout. That’s why fresh area merchandising and self-facing shelf merchandising systems are so important.

Judging by the placement of enticing fresh displays at the entrance of nearly every grocery store, retailers want to maximize the effectiveness of their retail real estate. 

What makes this area so appealing to customers?
While location at the store entrance seems to be the most important factor, presentation follows a close second. Here are six factors to keep in mind when setting and re-setting your fresh area:

1. Keep displays looking full
2. Maintain a flexible layout
3. Merchandise vertically
4. Refrigerate appropriately
5. Use ample lighting
6. Don’t forget signage

The NEXT™ 2.0 Tray Merchandising System allows retailers to further streamline appearance and simplify labor while saving money. NEXT 2.0 allows retailers to save valuable retail space and to stock additional products per tray by compacting the retail space.  Merchandise planograms can be easily adjusted, as each tray of product can be removed and replaced along the shelf or bar mount system.  Built-in baffles also optimize airflow in coolers and freezers, and the large label space gives ample room for promotional call-outs and pricing.

Fresh area merchandising allows customers to benefit from a more organized and cohesive layout featuring enhanced product depth and merchandising which, in turn, increases sales.