The "Do's and Dont's" of Food Merchandising

To market food effectively, it must be priced competitively, kept fresh, and merchandised in a consistent and visually appealing manner.  A well-displayed product will give your customers confidence that you genuinely care about their selection process and their buying experience as a whole.  Below are the “Do’s and Dont’s” of effective food merchandising.

DO Keep Your Displays Fully Stocked
A fully stocked display conveys healthy abundance.  Providing customers with a large selection from which to choose will contribute to customer satisfaction, consumer loyalty, and increased sales.  

DON’T Overstock Food Displays
While it’s important to keep food displays fully stocked, grocers and other food retailers should be mindful of possible overstocking.  Too many items piled on top of each other or pushed together can not only be harmful to food, but will also detract from the shopping experience and your customer’s impression of product quality. Consider adding “dummies” or inventory control spacers to your display to give the look of a fully stocked category, but with minimal product. 

DO Create an Orderly Display Presentation
Everything from cans, jars, and boxes, to fresh produce, bakery items or butchered items, products should be well merchandised in a neat and orderly fashion.  Haphazard stacks, confusing placement and unlabeled goods can be off-putting to a shopper. 

DON’T Forget to Clean Display Products
No matter how clean and fresh your food is, if your display case, shelves and bins are less than pristine, it will devalue your goods.  Wipe down glass throughout the day to remove fingerprints, and avoid contamination by clearing out your display case regularly from the inside out. 

DO work with siffron to create the optimal food merchandising displays.
We can help you with merchandising solutions that use minimum space for maximum impact. We can also help transform a standard product section into a multi-tiered display featuring the ultimate flexibility in product presentation.