Fresh Produce Presentation: Six Tips for the Star of Your Store

Judging by the placement of enticing produce displays at the entrance of nearly every grocery store, retailers are clearly aware that the produce department is one of the most important areas of a store’s layout.

But what makes produce so important and appealing to customers? While location at the store entrance seems to be the most important factor, presentation follows a close second. The wide array of colors and scents initially draws a customer to the department, but there are other factors involved. Here are six factors to keep in mind when setting or resetting your produce section:

1. Keep displays full
Or, at least, appearing full. Success is a balance between plentiful-looking displays and carefully controlled stock. One way to achieve that look is to use fixtures that bring the product closer to the shopper, and shelves that are less deep.

2. Maintain a flexible layout
Being able to easily move displays throughout the produce department can give you the flexibility to showcase seasonal or promotional items where they can’t be missed. Mobile merchandisers are perfect for displaying fresh area products without having to modify your entire plan-o-gram.

3. Merchandise vertically
A simple way to keep produce accessible without overstocking is to merchandise fruits and vegetables vertically. This allows for a greater number of facings per item while also promoting first in, first out rotation to limit shrink.

4. Refrigerate appropriately
Keeping perishable items at their ideal temperature is critical for maintaining freshness and appeal. Upright cooler cases have become commonplace in the produce department and are ideal for vertical merchandising.

5. Use ample lighting
Ideal lighting will show produce in their true colors and not cause damage to the product. Recent advances in technology, including LED lights that produce less heat, have allowed lighting to be incorporated into refrigerated cases without damaging delicate fruits and vegetables.

6. Don’t forget signage
An amazing produce display still needs signage to differentiate between similar items and to call out pricing and promotions. Especially in misted areas, it’s important to protect your signage with waterproof pouches or use a material that will not look soggy one the misters hit them.

To display fruits and vegetable to their best advantage, siffron can help you provide an eye-catching and organized “wall of produce” display to entice shoppers.