Consumers and Convenience Stores: The Need for Speed

With more consumers on the go, the need for convenience shopping remains important. People are in a hurry to get in/get out and want to quickly purchase the most convenient products.
With approximately 155,000 convenience stores across the United States (according to the 2019 NACS/Nielsen Convenience Industry Store Count), customers’ need for speed is increasing. The average in-store shopping time is now roughly two minutes -- down 15 seconds compared to previous years, as reported by the 2018 VideoMining C-Store Shopper Impact Megastudy. 
Having retail shelves in disarray can distract and frustrate potential customers. Shelf organization and product accessibility are key to a store’s prosperity.   Your products need to stay faced and in line-of-sight for customers to maximize product visibility in this shortened shopping window. 
siffron’s Roller Track delivers full product visibility and allows shoppers to make selections quickly and easily. Roller Track features gravity-feed facing – a low maintenance, labor-saving solution to organize products and prevent empty facings.
Manual shelf management and product facing is time-consuming and costly. Roller Track is designed to eliminate shelf-organization labor in both cooler environments and in center store.  Roller Track is a proven system that saves labor costs and improves your stock rotation. The system moves products to the front of the shelf as they are selected – keeping a consistently neat stock display.  
Because consumer expectations are changing, it’s important to place more emphasis on organized shelves and tidy displays in your convenience store to help shoppers quickly find the products they want. To learn more, visit our Roller Track page or contact us for more information.