C-Stores: Maximize Revenue As Demand for Gas Declines

Americans' appetite for gasoline is slowing and could fall further as electric car sales continue to bite into gasoline demand. Electric vehicles sales are expected to make up 36 percent of new car sales by 2040, according to new analyses by the energy research firm Wood Mackenzie.

That, of course, has big implications for the 122,000 convenience stores selling fuel in the United States, according to Energy Analysts International (EAI Inc.). In a troubling sign, C-Store operators have reported that their gas sales are down 1.5 to 2 percent this year, according to Lipow Oil Associates.
Although gas demand is flattening as vehicles become more fuel efficient, there’s still a huge opportunity to increase your C-Store sales.   How can you grow your in-store revenue?

• Make sure that your most profitable products, such as your carbonated beverages, are prominent and highly visible the moment customers enter your store. siffron’s Roller Track™ is a proven system that displays and moves products to the front of the shelf as they are selected – allowing shoppers to make selections quickly and easily.
• Put the most purchased items around the sides and back of the store. This forces customers to walk through aisles and past products they would otherwise overlook in order to get to the products they want. Increase impulse buys with impulse displays like wire racks, impulse strips, and impulse bins.
• Increase the inventory and maximize space on your shelves to drive purchases. Utilize products like siffron’s NEXT trays to grow merchandising space within a category, like the highly-profitable candy section.
• Transform customer lines into retail opportunity by offering more retail space for customers who are interested in your products. siffron’s Impulse QueueLane™ combines retail displays with queuing management in a sleek, effective way for you to revitalize your front end.
siffron’s merchandising solutions help to increase sales of point-of-purchase items and entice customers waiting in line. From impulse merchandisers to wire beverage retailers, siffron has specialized merchandising solutions to make your store more profitable.