A need to maximize space in the candy aisle

A new article in C-Store Decisions takes a look why candy is a top mover in the convenience market: "The role of flavor innovation in encouraging category participation is clear, with 63% of respondents who have increased their consumption crediting a better selection of flavors," reported the Mintel "Non-chocolate Confectionery – US" study. Desire for better pack sizes registered second at 51% and better textures third at 38%.
Candy is king in the convenience store market. Last year convenience stores nationwide saw a boost in both dollar sales and volume, including chocolate, non-chocolate chewy candy, and gum. One spark for this uptick in sales may be related to adding new flavors or package combinations. However, in a market where space maximization is crucial, how do you ensure you get the most bang for your merchandise in convenience stores?
The answer is to use innovative merchandising solutions to maximize your space. Siffron carries multiple product facing solutions that can be easily integrated into a convenient store environment, but deliver impactful results, such as increasing available product facings (maximizing space) and increasing impulse sales:

Fresh-Fit Thin Profile Shelving

NEXT Trays – The siffron NEXT Merchandising System maximizes your product positioning by removing shelves that can take up unnecessary space. This bar-mounted solution provides total product facing to create a billboard of merchandise in every aisle, leading to increased impulse sales in your store (up to 15%). This merchandise-facing tool is easy to install and compacts your retail space, allowing for more profitability by increasing product facings up to 30% greater than using shelves or peg hooks.

Power-Zone® Kwik-set™ Self-facing System – When the desire or need to maintain the use of shelving for displaying merchandise, the Power Zone Kwik-Set Pusher System helps you bolster sales by organizing the shelves consistently with a product-facing tool, moving merchandise easily within your shopper's reach. It's easy to install, doesn't damage packaging, handles heavy and wide products with ease, compacts your retail space and increases the amount of merchandise you can stock. In fact, it's the most versatile shelf system on the market today!

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