6 Benefits of Retail Signs

Don't underestimate the power of communication to increase sales. Simple sign holder solutions can go a long way to increasing customer awareness of products and promotions and increase basket size through additional impulse purchases.

Here are six ways that utilizing the proper signage can benefit your store:

1. Drive Traffic – Help customers find products and navigate your store with wayfinding signage. Aisle sign holders and ceiling displays help customers easily find the products they are looking for and drive customers closer to making their buying decision. In addition to using signage to drive traffic, you can also use it to direct traffic and to influence store guidelines, as illustrated with these floor decals.
2. Increase Purchase decisions - Signs can be your silent salesperson, communicating from ceilings, on top of fixtures, or even at the shelf edge. Shelf edge sign holders stand out and grab customer attention, and are often the last point of communication for the retailer to influence the shopper.
Stand out with Shelf Edge sign holders here.
3. Communicate value - Retail signs help communicate beyond just the display packaging and help buyers to better understand their options. Sign Boards and Headers help relay critical information to the customer quickly and visibly. siffron's Sign Board System – including signs and spiral pads – provides adjustable pricing information for product sales and promotions.
siffron offers a variety of signs and headers for pegboard, gondolas, slatwalls, and warehouses here.   
4. Enhance branding - Signs can help carry brand messaging beyond the product itself and enhance existing brand promotions. Illuminated graphic signs catch shoppers' eyes and draw their attention to your branded merchandise. Either motion or vibration activated, our Allura Bump Lights are guaranteed to enhance branding in retailers' stores.
Browse our Allura Bump Lights.
5. Accentuate the positive - Weekly store and product promotions are the lifeblood of retail. Signs help call out those specials and drive additional revenue. Using Channel Sign Systems, which work with most standard store gondolas and pegboard sizes, can help communicate special in-store promotions retailers want shoppers to know about.
Browse Channel Sign Systems here.
6. Cross-sell - Signs can also highlight related items to enhance overall basket size with impulse sales. Using Aisle Vilator Sign-holders helps shoppers pick out complimentary items during their buying decision process. Aisle Violators capture customer attention and can also be used to direct traffic.
See siffron's straight, angled, curved, and arc sign holders here.

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