The advantages of siffron manufacturing

Domestic manufacturing has always been a backbone of the American economy, and due to the current uncertain business climate, it might be more vital than ever.

Several positive benefits can be attributed to customers getting their products manufactured domestically (versus overseas) including:

• Higher standards of labor for the workers

• Faster fulfillment times

• Reduced shipping costs

• Local customer service

"Western countries that have become so reliant on off-shore supplies for basic needs are now seeing the downside of decades of off-shoring production. In an effort to reduce the cost of everyday goods, Western manufacturing lost the ability to produce the necessities for combating the current pandemic. Machines account for 85% of GDP in developed nations, and we may soon see a surge of incentive plans to bring back manufacturing segments that are considered critical for national resilience and sustainability." – Industry Week read article here 

Domestic manufacturing is where siffron got started. Siffron has world-class facilities to meet the demand for first-class solutions. We have manufacturing plants in Illinois with the ability and capacity to respond within the various time constraints of our customers. Our machines are up and running, manufacturing a wide variety of wire fabrication, such as hooks and wire grid, to plastic extrusions. We can effectively meet the needs of our customers during these uncertain times.

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