Fighting Germ-phobia in the Produce Section in a COVID-19 World

According to a new report from C+R Research, 60% of American consumers are terrified to shop at a grocery store due to the coronavirus.

Consumers buying decisions are largely influenced by what they are focused on, and in today's world, that is primarily health. As such, many consumers are turning to nutritional and immunity-boosting foods found in the produce and fresh market areas, but are still wary of the potential threat of infection. Grocer retailers need to be aggressive with cleaning and sterilization of high-touch surfaces in their store (particularly in the fresh area), which requires a robust and modular display shelf system that can be easily cleaned and not leave any potential crevice untouched for germs to fester and grow.

Standard Retail Display Shelves are cumbersome and require complete un-install and re-install of the system to effectively clean – resulting in significant labor costs, reduced sales, and unhappy customers. A simple wipe down of exposed surfaces is not sufficient! Hidden crevices and cavities can be a haven for harmful germs and bacteria and high-contact surfaces would need to be repeatedly sterilized to sustain a safe environment.

The solution is using a display shelf system that is designed for quick disassembly of the food-contact deck surface by section, and to protect displayed merchandise against germs using an anti-microbial coating on their shelving to prevent bacteria growth. This streamlines the cleaning and sterilization process to make sure it is fast, sustainable, repeatable, and does not interfere with the shopping experience.

siffron's ModoShelf is NSF Certified and 100% dishwasher safe. The steel frame of the shelving remains in the installed position and is specially designed to be thoroughly cleaned (no gaps or tight crevices to catch debris) with the interior of the display case itself; saving retailers time and labor. It also features anti-microbial coating on all food deck surfaces to prevent bacteria growth and ensure merchandise stays safe for customers to handle.


Step 1 –Remove all merchandise and display accessories from display shelves
Step 2 – Remove and compile ModoShelf tiles and accessory items for cleaning.
Step 3 – Wash both ModoShelf Frame and ModoShelf tiles, let air dry.
Step 4 – Re-assemble ModoShelf System

Periodic store surface sanitation is vital nowadays, but without a streamlined cleaning process implemented these pre-cautions can end up costing retailers more than it does help them. Keep the cleaning process running smoothly by utilizing modular displays for easy cleaning and setup!

Helpful tip: Streamline the Process! - siffron recommends having replacement ModoShelf tiles on hand to swap out for ModoShelf tiles that need to be cleaned so retailer's section never has down time.

ModoShelf Tiles