Frozen Food Sales are Surging! How Retailers Can Maximize Their Sales:

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the course of consumer buying habits. One of the top new trends is a surge in frozen food purchases. Early reports from US Consumer Engagement pointed to a spike of some households purchasing up to 32% more frozen foods in a given period than usual.

The American Frozen Food Institute is also reporting this surge, projecting sales to remain 30% higher in 2020 than in 2019 primarily due to COVID-19 spending. In fact, a separate study by 210 Analytics says that 86% of ALL consumers are buying frozen food items. That’s a lot of opportunity for grocery and convenience store retailers.


Frozen food is long lasting, comes pre-packaged, and in many cases, is designed for scaled serving sizes. It’s the perfect solution for families that are eating out significantly less and looking to stretch their food dollar as far as possible (fresh items spoil quicker).

What does this mean for retailers?

Retailers can capitalize on this surge in frozen food sales by integrating retail display products that increase merchandising space, decrease shrink improve case operations, and provide the best possible product presentation within their coolers and freezers!

NEXT Merchandising Trays

next before and after

next freezer

The NEXT Merchandising System maximizes your retail shelf positioning with product facing to create a billboard of merchandise in every aisle, leading to increased impulse sales in your store (up to 15%). This merchandise-facing tool is easy to install and compacts retail space. NEXT Merchandising Trays come in a variety of sizes and depths, and offer trays specifically designed to fit into freezers and coolers.

Additionally, the retail pusher tray moves product to the front after a customer selects an item, positioning it easily within reach of the next customer while other cooler merchandising systems rely on store associates or even shoppers to organize their displays – resulting in mis-placed product or poor shelf organization. NEXT does the work for you!

Power-Zone® Sure-Set™ Self-Facing System

sureset before and after

sureset freezer

Designed to fit any retail shelf environment, including freezers and coolers, Sure-Set System can be custom-configured at store level to meet almost any plan-o-gram need.  Additionally, the Power Zone® Sure-Set™ system provides impeccable presentation on-shelf, easy installation and plan-o-gram resets, as well as significant loss prevention benefits (keeps merchandise faced to shelf-edge without losing product).

Sure-Set also presents the appearance of fully stocked shelves even when inventory is low!