Is the Reign of Black Friday over?

For years, the day after thanksgiving was synonymous with holiday shopping warfare. A time where money savvy shoppers would steel their nerves and prepare to do battle in an early morning consumer battle royale over the year’s most in-demand items. But now, due in part to a sizable portion of shopping transitioning to online and social distancing restrictions set in place by the pandemic, those days may be coming to an end… Retailers are downplaying the one-day event this year, too. Many say they will start holiday deals as early as October and extend the offers throughout the holiday season

“Black Friday was always about being first,” said Michael Brown, a partner in the consumer practice of global strategy and management consultant Kearney. “But Black Friday is not going to be the launch of the holiday season this year... It will happen softly over the next month or so.”

What Can Retailers do different?

black friday shopping Plan for extended holiday shopping and a slower uptick of purchases versus the traditional holiday bum rush of Black Friday.

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LED Lighting Use LED Lighting to highlight special promotion categories.
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impulse displays Setup high margin impulse displays throughout your store.
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covid-supplies Provide clear and visible social distancing guidelines.
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