Top 3 New Trends of 2021

As we head into 2021, let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends we expect to see in retail displays:

COVID-19 protection

COVID-19 is likely going to continue to be a prevalanet trend in retail for at least the next 12 months. Therefore, we can expect mask and social distancing regulations to stay enforced throughout most of the year. Even as vaccines become more available, reducing exposure to the virus through PPE, sneeze guards, and reducing foot traffic will still be the name of the game for combating COVID-19 in retail.

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discount brand growth

“Retailers like Five Below and Dollar Tree have continued to expand across the country.” (‘What the Pandemic Hath Wrought, Chain Store Age). Chain stores that offer discount brands and prices are extremely popular with consumers, a trend that is not likely to change in 2021 where many shoppers may still find themselves out of work due to the pandemic restrictions.

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fresh produce in convenience stores

The 2020 pandemic resulted in a large number of shoppers shifting their buying habits towards smaller convenience stores vs. larger grocery stores.

One key area that is being developed more is fresh products in C-stores. People on the go are still searching for those healthy options of fresh fruit, pre-packaged meals, and more.

“Offering fresh-cut fruit cups, salads, or other items in eye-catching displays, or adding promotions like a free banana with the purchase of a bottle of water may lead customers to rethink their habits,” (C-Stores: Reshaping Consumer Habits, Produce Blue Prints).

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