Top 3 Recommendations for Spring Retail Promotions

1. Update High Traffic Areas for Spring

Winter is changing into spring, and consumers may be more ready than ever to welcome it - given the pandemic.

Creating bright and colorful promotions around your store can boost sales and increase traffic. Adding additional color via price channel color inserts, splash roll backdrops or other shelf edge signage can transform any store section Easy to apply and available in a wide variety of single-color options.

Color Inserts transform price channels into a wide variety of colors and can be used for different promotions year-round. Easy to apply. Each roll features two colors (front and back) and has enough material to fit 50 4' shelves.

splash rollz

Add a splash of solid color to your pegboard backing to help spring promotions stand out. Splash Rollz™ are easy to apply and available in a wide variety of single-color options.

2. Make Promotions Stand out

The holiday season typically leaves consumer wallets feeling a bit worn.

Coax shoppers out of of the spending slump by meeting them halfway with prominent promotions. One effective way to utilize unused ad space is to setup ceiling signage to highlight promotions, supported by prominent signage in the line of sight. Using high visibility signage that clearly outlines new brands, special pricing, or even a new product is a perfect way to boost latent sales.

SIGN-EEZ™ ceiling display system are perfect for creating highly visible holiday promotional banners without the need for ladders. SIGN-EEZ displays make it easy to hang and align signage so it stands out and attracts potential customers.

3. Promote Holiday Shopping

While the holiday season is technically over, spring has its fair share of holidays. Saint Patrick's Day, Easter and Mother's Day are consumer favorites that can boost retail sales.

Spur holiday themed impulse purchases by setting up point-of-purchase destination displays using impulse merchandising strips and stock displays such as spinner racks, adjustable wire racks or economy dump bins.

Fast Load Retailers: The ideal solution for cross merchandising impulse items, the Fast Load™ Strip Retailer provides easy product loading with strong, locking fingers for product shipment.

All-Wire Spinner Display: rotating wire stock display that allows for easy browsing of point-of-purchase items.

Economy Dump Bins: Setup point-of-purchase destinations during holiday promotions by using Economy Dump Bins in high traffic areas throughout the store.