New Survey Shows Consumers Want Fully Stocked Produce Sections, Stores that Prioritize Reducing Food Waste

Results of the survey, conducted by Momentive, can be seen below:


If a store has a large amount of fresh produce, consumers will spend more time (56%) and money (51%) in the produce department, while 65% will be more inclined to shop there again

Need retail shelf display solutions for the produce section? Try ModoShelf™

modoshelf produce display

modoshelf produce display

With a modular, lightweight design, ModoShelf™ offers many design options to create beautiful product displays while optimizing merchandising space.

Reduce labor costs associated with cleaning your produce section dramatically! The patent-pending ModoShelf™ is NSF Certified and is the easiest system to clean on the market.

ModoShelf’s™ plastic display shelves feature removable ABS tiles are easy to clean and 100% dishwasher safe. Simply remove the tiles, clean them while leaving the bracketry in place, and replace them once cleaning is done - extremely effective while maintaining planogram integrity!

Learn more about the ModoShelf™ Shelf System here: