Three ways you can prevent scaring away your retail customers this Halloween season

haunted house

1. Don't let your store shelves look like a haunted house

Is your merchandise in disarray? Clutter and disorganized shelves can cause customers to run screaming out of the store without making a purchase! Using self-facing merchandising systems can help keep your merchandise organized, available, and accessible to customers that takes the stress out of shopping.

siffron solution: Bring order to your merchandising displays with NEXT™ 2.0 Merchandising trays.

next 2
man stealing

2. Beware of disappearing merchandise

Nothing is more disorienting than product that disappears without being paid for. siffron’s SONR™ system protects your product from thieves, scaring them away with alerts and alarms at product activity while keeping it safe and available for honest customers.

siffron solution: learn how to protect your product with SONR™

dark alley

3. Don’t make your customers go down some dark alley (or aisle)

Poor lighting in retail stores can have terrifying outcomes for retailers and customers alike. Using Allura™ LED lighting for shelves will illuminate dark areas of the store some customers not only feel safe going down those aisles, but are actually more attracted to those impulse items. Shine a light on your impulse sales with Allura™ LED lighting.

siffron solution: Brighten up your store with Allura™ LED Lighting

allura led lighting