How to Optimize Your Produce Coolers for Cleaning

Prioritize Regular Cleaning

Produce coolers are an essential part of any grocery store as they play a vital role in keeping perishable items fresh and safe for consumption. However, these coolers can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria if not cleaned properly and regularly.

The importance of cleaning produce coolers goes beyond just maintaining hygiene standards. It also has a direct impact on the quality and shelf life of your products. Here are some key reasons why you should prioritize regular cleaning of your grocery store’s produce coolers:

1. Prevents Cross-Contamination: Bacteria from one product can easily transfer to other produce. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing these areas helps prevent this from happening and ensures that all your products remain safe for consumption.

2. Reduces Spoilage: Dirty produce coolers can lead to mold growth which can spoil fruits and vegetables at a faster rate. This not only results in financial losses for the store but also creates a negative shopping experience for customers.

3. Promotes Food Safety: The FDA recommends that produce coolers be cleaned and sanitized daily to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Failure to do so can result in food-borne illnesses and pose a serious health risk to your customers.

Keep it Fresh

The ModoShelf™ shelving system offers a number of benefits that address many of the challenges encountered in retail today, including functionality, cleanliness, and labor reduction.

With a modular, lightweight design, ModoShelf offers many design options to create beautiful product displays while optimizing merchandising space.

Cut cleaning time in half

Grocers place a high priority on food safety. The quality of their product and the integrity of their business are at stake. In light of recent outbreaks of E. coli on produce and the COVID-19 pandemic, shoppers are becoming increasingly conscious of what they buy and how they shop. Grocery stores pay special attention to the cleanliness of produce sections, among the most frequented areas.

Typical measures to clean a produce case are time and labor-intensive. This can lead to subpar performance when cleaning and a lack of adherence to cleaning schedules by store staff.

ModoShelf removes the labor and pain of cleaning

ModoShelf makes cooler cleaning and change-outs much faster and more efficient. Tiles are easily removable. Frames are designed for washing down (Stainless steel). This results in less downtime for produce sections vs. standard equipment which use cumbersome hardware and heavy frames which have to be removed for cleaning.

ModoShelf is the only NSF-listed cooler shelving in the market due to the absence of fasteners, which can bruise produce and creates mating crevices which harbor bacteria. ModoShelf’s patented design makes cleaning easy. The ABS shelf tiles are dishwasher safe, so they can be removed from the frame, placed in a dishwasher, and ready in a short amount of time. The frame of the shelf is designed with cleaning in mind as well. Once the ABS tiles are removed, there is sufficient space between all of the components of the frame and nearby frames to easily hose and wipe down the bracket assembly and rear wall of the cooler case.

Furthermore, the frames stay in place, meaning that the integrity of the planogram is not changed considerably shortening the time it takes to reset the merchandise.

ModoShelf Well Merchandiser

ModoShelf Well Merchandiser replaces existing racking in the bottom of the cooler to allow store associates easier access for cleaning and maintenance. Also features perforated holes on the top to provide merchandising opportunities along the bottom of the shelf - something that was previously unachievable using a wire grid system.