Heavy Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook

Heavy Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook

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the Heavy-Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook. Heavy-Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook protects and supports heavier loads of merchandise (up to 16 lbs.)! The spiral hook design effectively prevents offenders from sweeping all displayed SKUs off of the hook. Each knob turn draws product forward, releasing one SKU at a time while an audible clicking noise alerts associates to activity in the area. The Heavy-Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ attaches securely to pegboard backing, with additional mounting solutions available.

The Heavy-Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook™ is ideal for a wide range of products, including large batteries, hand tools, fixtures, and more.

• Features a mechanical audible alert – deterring shoplifters
• Eliminates sweeping through integrated dispensing coil
• Attaches securely to pegboard (bracket included)
• Has mounting adapters that include Wire Fastrack, Mega Bar, slatwall and Madix crossbar (sold separately)
• Open security – customers do NOT require assistance to access product

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