Keyed Peg Hook Lock

Keyed Peg Hook Lock


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  • Keyed Peg Hook Lock theft prevention device for pegged merchandise is effective and easy to use
  • Merchandise cannot be removed from the display unless the key is used to open the lock
  • Use to lock all merchandise on the hook, or leave front product unlocked and shoppable
  • To install, simply open the lock, place lock around the hook, and snap shut
  • Employees can quickly unlock and remove the hook lock with the key
  • To re-lock product, return the lock to the hook and it snaps back into the locked position 
  • Keys are sold separately 
  • Custom keys can be created for large roll-outs
  • Available in two styles to fit metal single wire peg hooks and wire loop hooks
  • Metal
  • Packaged and sold: each or 10/bag

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