Sliding Security Gate

Sliding Security Gate


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Retail theft continues to rise. For some categories and locations, the only solution to prevent theft and protect merchandise is to restrict access. siffron’s Sliding Wire Security Gate allow retailers to convert their existing shelving systems into a locked case. This managed access solution requires store personnel to open and access products for customers while keeping it safe from potential shoplifters.

The Sliding Wire Security Gate easily convert a single shelf or continuous run of shelves into a locked and protected area for merchandise. Mounting hardware is provided to secure the gates to standard Lozier or Madix shelving. Side panels are available to close off the ends and prevent side access, creating a secure system. This solution is available in wire grid or in clear glass gates, and padlock or press-lock locking functionality with keys. Note: Shelf depth must be uniform throughout to ensure proper setup.

  • Secure and easy to use 
  • 48” W x 30” H gates
  • Use in single section or side by side to secure multiple gondolas worth of product
  • Press-lock version includes two keys.
  • Padlock version consists of framed doors that can be locked together with padlock – minimum 1” x 1” inner opening on padlock recommended. (Padlock not included)
  • Perfect for protecting a wide range of high-theft products