NEXT™ 2.0 Merchandising Trays with Flip-Down Front Fence (Shelf Mount)

NEXT™ 2.0 Merchandising Trays with Flip-Down Front Fence (Shelf Mount)


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The NEXT™ 2.0 with Flip-Down Front Fence provides an efficient way to load product into the tray. The front fence folds down as it is pressed from the front to load product into the tray for an easy one-hand operation. The fence is spring-loaded to pop back up into an upright position and hold product in place as every last item is faced forward.

The NEXT™ Tray Merchandising System allows retailers to increase merchandising space and improve product visibility.

NEXT™ 2.0 allows retailers to further streamline appearance and simplify labor while saving money. Each tray securely holds merchandise and faces every item to the front. With each product in a tray, reorganizing your display is easy. simply lift the tray with the product in it and place it in its new location. NEXT™ 2.0 helps compact the retail space, helping retailers to get more SKUs into their planogram and sell more merchandise.

Features and Benefits
• NEXT 2 Merchandising Trays conserve space and increase facings for a multitude of product categories
• Front fence flips down for easier product loading
• Clear plastic design keeps branding visible and merchandise shopable