Non-Adhesive Label-Release® for

Non-Adhesive Label-Release® for "C" Channel Shelving


Size Chart

Size Chart

One of the most time intensive and costly areas of running a store is dealing with labels. From removing old labels to placing new labels on shelves and other label holders, labeling can seem like a never-ending process. But, what if there were something that made it easier? Something that allowed you to easily remove and replace labels? Something that allowed you to use inexpensive paper adhesive labels? And what if that product even improved the look of your store fixtures?

Label•Release® is designed with these very issues in mind – to simplify the process of labeling and to save retailers and store owners money.

Benefits of Label•Release®:
• Near transparent appearance
• Labels stay put, but easy to remove and replace when needed
• Store resets become a breeze
• Cleaner looking shelves - hides those dents & scratches
• Base of rigid paper card stock which allows it to snap into “C" price channels
• Produced in convenient 200’ rolls, perfed every 11.875"
• One roll provides enough material for fifty 4’ shelves
• 8 pt. cardstock tag base provides a rigid, durable insert
• Patented

Non-Adhesive Label-Release for