Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System

Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System

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The Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System (also known as a pusher system, or pusher track) is a labor-saving, component-based merchandising system flexible enough to accommodate the widest range of product shapes and sizes throughout the store. Incorporating center push technology while also offering the flexibility to order in bulk or pre-assembled, the System provides a single solution for total self management. To further increase the convenience and labor savings of self-facing, the Tracks and Dividers can be easily added, removed or adjusted by sliding along Front Rail - all while product remains on the shelf.

Features & Benefits 
• Dividers and Tracks engage and disengage easily for trouble-free installations and quick set changes
• Offering unlimited spacing configurations, Dividers and Tracks can be adjusted by sliding along Front Rail
• Spring-loaded lock tab allows easy adjustment of facing width, even with product in place; tab automatically locks into place, maintaining facing width integrity
• Center Push option provides consistent, center–of-product force for most packaging shapes and styles including round and irregularly-shaped products, and minimizes need for multiple pushers on large products
• Integrated clear front product stop provides unobstructed view of products
• Components can ship pre-assembled for box-to-shelf installation to minimize labor, or in bulk by category to minimize freight
• Available with Kwik-Connect 3 Front Rail to attach to shelf without the need for separate fasteners
• Compatible with all Power Zone® Sure-Set™ Paddle Extenders and Adapters


• Front Rail
    o Standard
    o Kwik-Connect™
    o ABS Plastic
    o Beige, black or white
• Dividers/Pusher Tracks
    o 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22" and 24” D
    o Multiple spring strengths
    o Wide-base track for large products
    o Tall dividers for stacked, tall, or bagged products
    o Beige, black or white
    o High-impact plastic
• Front Product Stop
    o 1.25” H
    o Clear polycarbonate
    o Divider Lens
       1.75" H, 3" H, or 3.875" H
       Divider Lens is removable
    o Track Lens
       .75" H, 1.75" H, or 2.125" H (Wide base track)

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