Power-Zone® Kwik-Set™ Slow Feed Pusher

Power-Zone® Kwik-Set™ Slow Feed Pusher

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Self-facing pushers are labor-saving organizer tools that work 24/7 to keep retailer’s merchandise properly organized and set to the edge of store shelves. While many products can be accommodated by standard pusher systems, Kwik-Set Slow-Feed Pushers are designed to face fragile and/or stacked product on a shelf, such as wine, baby food, tea, and more.

Slow-Feed Pushers use a special spring dampener to decelerate the pusher and make merchandise move forward at a much slower pace than standard pusher systems.

Only For Kwik-Set* Pusher System - The Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System (also known as a pusher system, or pusher track) is a labor-saving, component-based merchandising system flexible enough to accommodate the widest range of product shapes and sizes throughout the store. Pusher Tracks and Dividers can be added, removed, and/or adjusted while product remains on the shelf!Use only where needed! Slow Feed Pusher can be used seamlessly with standard Kwik-Set™ pusher installations, and they system’s inherent flexibility allows for quick change-outs and product resets.

Combine with Invisi-Shield System for Enhanced Protection from Theft!

P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield™ System secures high-value, high-loss product, while allowing customers access to product for purchase. The Invisi-Shield features various sizes of single-facing product shields that install below display shelves or into gondola shelf uprights.

Used properly with the Kwik-Set™ Slow Feed Pusher, customers are able to select one product at a time with a moderate time delay between each facing. This prevents product sweep but still keeps high-value merchandise open and regularly accessible for honest shoppers.

◆Slow Feed Pusher can be used seamlessly with standard Kwik-Set™ pusher installations. ◆Commonality allows Slow Feed Pushers to be used only where needed
◆Damper decelerates pusher to slow product forward movement and limit accessibility. ◆Compatible with Kwik-Set Wide Base Track lenses
◆Available in two spring strengths, for light or heavy product.
◆Available in depths up to 20”
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