Kwik-Set™  Front Fence Rail

Kwik-Set™ Front Fence Rail


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The Kwik-Set Front Fence Rail combines functionality and package security for retail shelving systems. The unique front rail features an integrated front lens, ensuring product retention over the entire shelf length. This prevents potential bulging between divider-mounted product stops, providing a visually appealing display while maintaining organization and tidiness.

Additionally, its design offers extra security for loss prevention applications, safeguarding valuable merchandise from theft or tampering by making it harder to sweep off a shelf. The continuous flat surface of the front rail also allows retailers to creatively utilize supplemental messaging to highlight promotions or essential information about their products. When used with Kwik-Set ratcheting dividers, it forms a comprehensive solution that ensures optimal performance and efficiency within retail environments.

  • Front rail with integrated 1.9” H front lens.
  • Available for 48” W, 36” W, and 30” wide shelves
  • Prevents product bulging between divider-mounted product stops
  • Provides additional security for LP applications
  • Provides a continuous flat surface for supplemental messaging
  • Used in conjunction with Kwik-Set Ratcheting Dividers