Self Contained Alarming Tether - 36

Self Contained Alarming Tether - 36"

  • This all-in-one security system secures high-theft products that are tethered without the need for an expensive powered cable. The all-in-one design with integrated tether allows for quick and easy installation and can be reused only if tether remains undamaged.
  • Triggers an audible extended alarm when the tether is cut and retracts past the alarm box
  • 36" cable with grommet end
  • Designed to allow customers to review secured product as normal
  • Mounting holes fit #4 screws (0.124" diameter hole x 0.835" deep)
  • Includes replaceable battery
  • Includes battery release strip to save battery life during storage
  • Battery lasts up to three years
  • Patented
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