Pole Star® Spinner Display - Radial Hook Display 5-Tier

Pole Star® Spinner Display - Radial Hook Display 5-Tier

Pole Star® Spinner Display – Radial Hook Display 5-Tier is an easily adjustable merchandising rack that sets up in minutes. Each kit includes up to 5 sets of radial hooked merchandising fixtures to set and planogram however retailers want. Fixture height can be adjusted via patent pending rotor stop. No clamps. No additional tools. Perfect for showcasing souvenirs, travel wear, toys, and other impulse purchases in convenience stores.

Pole Star Spinner Displays:

Revitalize point-of-purchase displays and boost sales with Pole Star® Spinner Displays. Retailers can create numerous revenue-generating impulse buy stations in high-traffic areas that can accommodate a variety of merchandise.

The Pole Star® Spinner Display features a streamlined design to reduce setup and install times. Set up a display quickly and easily. The patent-pending rotor stop ensures display racks are easily adjustable but maintain a firm hold using minimal effort. Various merchandising options are available to hold different product packaging types and sizes.

The Pole Star® Spinner Displays are perfect for boosting category sales in impulse areas near checkout lanes and throughout convenience stores, with products such as gift apparel, snacks, candy, toys, and more.

  • Simplified design for easy installation and manipulation
  • Patent-pending rotor stop design allows for easy adjustability with a strong hold using minimal effort
  • Rotors spin for 360-degree product access
  • Various rotor styles are available
  • Custom styles available.
  • Stock color is black; custom colors are available.
  • Minimum quantity orders will apply for all custom options