Why retail merchandising might be the secret weapon to curbside pickup wars

The way retailers sell products to customers is changing. Store aisles are now more crowded with the addition of BOPIS (buy online pick-up in store) pickers searching for products for order fulfillment. And that trend is likely to continue. In fact, in a recent report, it was estimated that curbside pickup will blossom into a market worth $35 billion this year. (Las Vegas Review Journal)
Retail merchandising is the common denominator between customers physically purchasing their own products and BOPIS pickers doing in-store order fulfillment. The better organized, more visible, and more accessible the products are, the easier they are to find – leading to faster curbside pickup turnarounds and decreased labor costs.
siffron, the industry leader in retail merchandising, recommends this:
Product Facing/Shelf Merchandising Systems – keep merchandise organized, accessible, and faced to the shelf edge. Shelves left in disarray can lead to confusion and customer frustration. They can also leave a bad impression in a customer’s mind. Product facing retail solutions, like Power-Zone Kwik-Set™, NEXT Trays, Roller Track™, or Kinetic Shelves, help you save labor cost pulling customer orders while increasing sales opportunities by growing capacity.
Auto-faced shelves that use pusher systems and trays or gravity feed technology deliver accelerated returns on your curbside pickup program by:
• Reducing labor costs
• Enhancing accessibility
• Increasing product visibility
Start streamlining your curbside pickup operation today by complementing it with proven retail merchandising products. Improve turnaround times and save on labor cost, while keeping your customers happy.