new summer products recap

Summer is coming to an end and fall is around the corner. Let’s review all of the new products introduced this summer from siffron:

COVID-19 Response Supplies

In order to react appropriately to the emerging health threat of COVID-19, we have expanded our line of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), traffic control, and signage and messaging to include supplies that assist retailers with maintaining safe social distances for both their customers and associates.

covid19 catalog

Allura™ LED Backlit Data Strips®

The Allura™ LED Data Strip® illuminates the shelf edge as well as the product below. This integrated solution draws customer attention to shelf edge messaging while enhancing the appearance of merchandise on the shelf.

allura LED

LM Tag™ Loop with SONR™

LM Tag™ Loop with SONR™ provides retail and display merchandise security for a wide range of product sizes. LM Tag Loop with SONR uses a cable (6” or 12” available standard) that installs into a reusable LM Tag.

lmtag loop with sonr

SONR™ Anti-Sweep Hook

The new SONR™ Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook combines two proven loss prevention methods into one solution. The design effectively prevents offenders from sweeping product off of the hook and uses push notifications to alert store associates to suspicious activity within the area.

sonr anti sweep hook

Heavy Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook

The Heavy-Duty Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook protects and supports heavier loads of merchandise (up to 16 lbs.)! The spiral hook design effectively prevents offenders from sweeping all displayed SKUs off of the hook.

heavy duty spiral anti sweep hook