The Top 3 Retail Trends of 2021

It’s no secret that the retail industry is headed into uncharted territory, let’s take a look at what are likely to be the top trends of 2021:

1. sustainability

More and more brands are trying to find ways in which they can have the least harmful impacts on the environment, and more brands are realizing the importance of incorporating their processes in a more sustainable manner.

siffron’s Modo-Shelf™ Display System is a perfect example of retail display designed with sustainability and re-usability in mind. Modular tiles allow for retailers to configure the Modo-shelf to be suitable for a wide range of uses, including fresh produce display in groceries, pre-packaged to-go meals in convenience stores, and more.

2. newer store concepts

The number of stores that are opening up is immense, making the competition all the more fierce. Stores are constantly trying to find ways in which they can come forward with newer concepts to stand out to customers to generate interest.

One trend that will never go away in convenience stores is the popularity of candy. Year over year, candy sales have been a staple revenue driver for convenience store retailers. But introducing a new twist on this classic would be a good way to generate new sales and customer interest. See how adding a 4eBin Bulk Merchandising Display can transform your candy aisle:

3. loyalty rewards

Loyalty customers are becoming more prevalent across grocery and convenience stores. These programs also offer attractive discounts, which is why it is so sought after by individuals who regularly purchase what the store has to offer.

How to promote Loyalty programs in-store? Use display shelf level signage to call out the programs right at the buying decision.

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