Roller Track™

Roller Track™ - maintenance-free, gravity-feed system

keeps merchandise visible and accessible

Having retail shelves in disarray can distract and frustrate potential customers. Manual re-stocking is time-consuming and costly. You need an effective shelf management solution that never quits.

Roller Track, Siffron
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76% of all buying decisions are made in store and 90% are made on sight

works 24/7

Roller Track is a proven system that saves labor costs and improves your stock rotation. The system moves products to the front of the shelf as they are selected – keeping a consistently neat stock display.

increases profitability

Roller Track delivers full product visibility and allows shoppers to make selections quickly and easily. The added benefit is gravity-feed facing – a low maintenance, labor-saving solution to organize products and prevent empty facings.

maximizes retail space

Roller Track overlays into existing gondola shelves but adds little to no rise in shelf height.

reduces labor costs

Roller Track is designed to eliminate front-facing and shelf organization labor. Products stay faced and in line-of-sight for customers.

20 percent sales increase!


• Gravity-feed design uses integrated rollers to self-face products
• Products remain visible and easily accessible
• Easy to install, stock, and reset to minimize labor costs
• Ideal for beverages, dairy, cleaning products, and convenience items
• Can be used in front- and rear-loading coolers
• Durable, long-lasting solution reduces waste and carbon footprint

Roller Track Benefits
Roller Track Overlay

Roller Track™ Overlays – Available in multiple sizes, Roller Track's roller mat sits directly on existing shelves. Roller Track's clear acrylic front assures optimum visibility and is suitable for printed graphics and customization.

Roller Track Shelf

Roller Track™ Shelf – Keep your system organized and merchandised smoothly. Roller Track's integral shelf frame mounts directly into uprights. Designed at an optimum angle for self-facing products, Roller Track minimizes lost vertical space.

Roller Track Pullout Shelf

Roller Track™ Pullout Shelf – Reduce safety risks, organize merchandise, and improve stock rotation in store categories for grocery and convenience stores using Roller Track – Pullout Shelf.

Roller Track Accessories

Accessories – Roller Track™ dividers and fences keep your system organized and merchandising smoothly. The pusher dividers provide additional product facing power.



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