The Benefits of Open Retail Security

Preventing theft in retail stores is crucial for store owners. However, many loss prevention solutions, such as locking products away in cases, create more headaches for retailers and shoppers alike. Locking products away in cases may stop theft to a certain degree, but it also produces extra labor needed by store staff to manage the access of products. Honest customers also get frustrated that they cannot access the products they want to purchase and must spend unnecessary time searching for help to get the product. All these issues eventually lead to lost sales.

Retailers do not need to hide their products behind a locked case or shelf away from shoppers. Effective loss prevention solutions can prevent theft while keeping merchandise accessible. For example, open security systems monitor activity in or around the vicinity of protected merchandise, notifying store associates of suspicious activity while allowing honest shoppers to conduct their business without assistance.

Examples of Open Security Systems

SONR Eco-System

The SONR anti-shoplifting device provides audible beeps at the shelf level and protects merchandise throughout the store. SONR integrates with existing store security systems to create a tiered alert system that ensures retailers are always aware of activity anywhere in their store.

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Spiral Anti-Sweep Hooks

The Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook product line has been an effective loss prevention measure for protecting a wide variety of pegged merchandise, such as batteries, health and beauty products, or electronics. The spiral hook design effectively prevents offenders from sweeping all displayed items off of the hook. Each knob turn draws an item forward, releasing one product at a time, while an audible clicking noise alerts associates to activity in the area.

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P.O.P. Security™ Invisi-Shield™ System

Secures high-value, high-loss product, while allowing customers access to product for purchase. The Invisi-Shield features various sizes of single-facing product shields that install below display shelves or into gondola shelf uprights. The product shields are crystal-clear "invisible" panels that ensure products are visible and appealing; contoured edges on panels provide comfortable access for shoppers.

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