Turtle 2.0

Turtle 2.0


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Protect packaged and display merchandise in your stores using the new Turtle 2.0 from siffron. Turtle 2.0 combines the securing of boxed retail products, similar to the original Turtle, along with EAS gate functionality. Turtle 2.0 provides improved sensitivity - by limiting false alarms from loose strapping - and streamlined installation, while ensuring greater protection from potential offenders.

The Turtle 2.0 features a sleek new design that fits more securely to packaged items and protective strapping - making it virtually impossible to remove without the proper detacher.

First alarm: Armed Turtle triggers EAS Systems to alarm
Second alarm: Manipulating or removing Turtle from package triggers Turtle to alarm
Third alarm: AM or RF antenna or deactivator signals Turtle to alarm

  • Battery life: approximately 2 years
  • Replaceable CR2450 battery
  • Alarm volume: >95db
  • Full alarm: 5 min. / Pre-alarm: 3 short beeps
  • AM (58kHz) / RF (8.2 MHz)
  • 2 and 3 alarm options available