cold vault

• Gravity-feed design uses integrated rollers to self-face products
• Products remain visible and easily accessible
• Easy to install, stock, and reset to minimize labor costs
• Ideal for beverages, dairy, cleaning products, and convenience items
• Can be used in front- and rear-loading coolers
• Durable, long-lasting solution reduces waste and carbon footprint

cold vault yogurt cold vault water cold vault tea
candy snacks

• Every last product is faced to the front
• Increase SKU facings by up to 30% = more sales and more profit
• Reduce stocking and facing labor costs with enhanced inventory rotation for time-sensitive products
• Pull-out tray available for easy restocking

candy - next pusher candy next pusher candy next pusher

Allura™ LED lighting

• Adding LED lighting at the shelf level can increase impulse sales by 15 – 20%
• ROI in as little as 3 months
• Full assortment of styles and power options to easily integrate into existing fixtures.

allura led
health and beauty banner

• Component-based merchandising system flexible enough to accommodate the widest range of product shapes and sizes throughout the store
• It uses a center-push design to place the pusher at the optimal center of the product being faced for best performance
• Tracks/dividers can be added, removed or adjusted while product remains on the shelf
• Stacked products are easily managed with wide pusher tracks and tall dividers

kwik set pusher kwik-set pusher kwik-set pusher
general merch

• Many essential solutions available to display general merchandise
• Variety of wire racks for soda, chips, candy, bread, bakery goods, produce, and more
• All displays are shipped in knock-down configuration, so they ship flat and are easily managed
• Most displays have no-tool assemblies

bread rack candy rack soda rack bakery rack
covid response

• Everything you need to keep your store open and safe during this pandemic
• Focus on customer and employee safety
• Health solutions like thermometers, masks, shields, and more
• Distancing solutions like queue lanes, floor decals, sneeze guards, and sign holders
• Cleaning supplies like spray bottles, safety cones, and other janitorial supplies

covid supplies