Power Zone® Pre-Set™ Self-facing System

Power Zone® Pre-Set™ Self-facing System

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  • Power Zone® Pre-Set™ Self-facing System ships pre-assembled and ready to place on the shelf, saving 40% or more in installation costs versus non-pre-assembled systems
  • Multiple depths available to accommodate nearly any shelf
  • Optional paddle extenders available for larger product (works with 6 1/8" W track/divider, independent, or drop-in tracks)
  • Optional inventory control unit available to limit inventory on shelf
  • One-piece design allows super-fast setting and re-setting of shelves and categories
  • Product is automatically advanced so every product is prominent and accessible
  • Durable high-impact plastic Front Fence resists breakage and offers crystal-clear clarity, as well as deters "shelf sweeping theft"
  • Attaches to shelving with fasteners, screws, or with optional adhesive
  • Optional Made To Order Label Strips on front Fence can be color-coded or printed to specifications for easy product, brand or category identification
  • Optional Extend-A-TrackTM paddle feature allows one system to fit multiple shelf depths

  • Specifications:

    • Materials
      • Front Fence and Track/Divider are high-impact plastic
      • Springs are stainless steel, variable force
      • Power Zone® Pre-SetTM can be made to order in custom colors and sizes

    • Sizes
      • Power Zone® is available in multiple widths and depths to meet nearly any product or application need
      • Fits shelves 10" to 24" D
      • Fits products 1 5/8" to 5 1/8' W (Two tracks per facing can be used for wider product)
      • Track/Dividers are 2 1/4" H; available in 1 5/8", 2 1/8", 3 1/8", 3 5/16", 4 1/8" W and 6 1/8" W 
      • Front Fencing:  Standard - 2 1/4" H, 36" or 48" L; With integrated 3/4" H Data Strip® Label Holder - 3" H, 36" or 48" L
      • Rear Fence is available in 1/2" or 1" H

    • Kits
      • Each kit comes pre-assembled with a pre-determined amount of facings depending on the system
      • Three Channel Fasteners included per kit, for mounting to perforated shelves with 1/4" holes
      • Front fence is 2 1/4" H
      • High-impact plastic
      • Additional facings are available to slide into system, sold separately

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